Fouriers Narrow Wide Chainring Review

Fouriers Narrow/Wide Chainring Review

Fouriers is a new brand out of Taiwan, they have a new chainring for cyclocross that is available in a narrow/wide configuration. Read on below to see how it performed.



As you can see from the picture above, the chainring has been through a lot of abuse. The chain never dropped surprisingly considering I wasn’t using a chainguide or clutch derailleur. The chainring has little holes milled in to clear mud and they worked very well in my experience. I also liked how nicely the chainring was machined.



The chainring held up to mud and sand with very little wear as you can see from the picture below, the anodizing did wear off slightly on the teeth but that’s the price you pay for using ultra blinged out gold parts.


The Fouriers Narrow/Wide Chainring was a lot of fun to use and I’ll be keeping it on the bike as opposed to my previous 2×10 setup. The gold anodizing looks great and it turns heads which as dudes dressed in Lycra™ skinsuits I’m pretty sure we’re all going for that 😉


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